Achievement Network (ANet)

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools Partner Program

The Achievement Network (ANet) is a nonprofit dedicated to providing all students, regardless of circumstance, with a high-quality education. Founded in 2005 by a group of school leaders, ANet has over 17 years of experience supporting equitable instructional practices in schools and districts across the country. Through leadership coaching, instructional data tools, and curriculum implementation support, ANet partnerships help districts and schools create an instructional culture in which all students can reach and exceed grade-level expectations. We firmly believe all students can achieve academic and life success, and are driven by our commitment to expanding educational equity for students from low-income backgrounds, students of color, and other underserved populations.

ANet’s offerings are designed to tap into each partner’s unique educational environment, community, and culture. One of our key differentiating features is our ability to customize or modify our support based on our partners’ needs and feedback. In our school-based coaching partnership, ahead of every school year, ANet coaches review student data, observe instructional practice, and understand schools’ current plans in order to deepen their understanding of the unique context of the school. Then, our coaches work with schools to identify barriers to equitable outcomes for students and co-construct a vision for an impactful partnership within their unique context. Our network-level partnerships also begin with a consistent protocol for learning about the contexts and conditions of the network as a whole, as well as the school-based needs, to develop a holistic picture of network strengths and opportunities. To meet the specific, unique needs of our partners, ANet’s team of specialist coaches are available to support coaches with areas of focus, including multi-language learners, students with learning and thinking differences, and social-emotional learning.

Services Offered:

  • School-based instructional coaching for school leaders and school leadership teams
  • Formative interim and diagnostic assessments for grades 2-11 in ELA and Math
  • Professional Development
  • Customized strategy and implementation engagements to strengthen instruction through high-quality instructional materials, assessments, literacy, and professional learning


Name: Janine Givens-Belsley
Position: Partnership Management
Phone number: 773-7240381

Email address: