Hallagan Business Machines

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools Partner Program

Hallagan Business Machines is a local woman owned business located on the Northwest side of Chicago. We have been a dedicated Riso dealer for more than thirty years with a focus on Education.

More than anything, schools need reliable, efficient and cost effective printers ready to assist teachers with getting materials into the classroom without hassles. Riso prints in full color, sits on your network and runs at high speeds without using heat. The Riso technology lays a rice based in on the page cold. This is not only better for the environment as it doesn’t emit toxins into the atmosphere, it is also better for the printed materials. Heat dries out paper and ultimately leads to more jamming inside the machine.

In addition to our versatile ink jet printers, Hallagan’s carry a line of Riso duplicators that has become a favorite of graphic designers, artists and zine publishers all over the country. Riso is bringing ecofriendly printmaking back to the classroom in art departments from Universities down to elementary schools.


Services Offered:

  • Riso full color printers
  • Riso digital duplicators
  • Office supplies
  • Full service support for all Riso equipment
  • IT support for network printing
  • Bid support pricing for negotiated with CPS
  • Non-Profit Discount
  • Purchase or Lease equipment
  • Service on all Riso equipment
  • Next day, free delivery on Office Supplies

Contact Information:

Name: Colleen Hallagan
Position: Sales Representative
Address: 6850 W North Avenue Chicago, IL 60607
Phone number: 773.637.0626
Cell: 847.840.2298

Email address: Colleenmhallagan@gmail.com

Website: Hallagans.com