Teach Upbeat, Inc

The Illinois Network of Charter Schools Partner Program

Upbeat works with K-12 districts across the country to administer a research-grounded survey to elevate teacher engagement and retention by fostering strong school environments. Founded and led by former educators, we bring together data scientists, technologists, and experienced former school leaders to deliver a research-backed solution.

Our surveys paired with tailored toolkits and intervention strategies, surface real-time insights so that principals and district leaders are able to better understand and uncover the conditions affecting employee morale and establish actionable plans to improve teacher and staff retention.

More information about the company and its approach can be found at http://teachupbeat.com.


1.       Engagement Survey for Instructional Staff & Principal Coaching

2.       Engagement Survey for Non-Instructional Staff

3.       Exit Survey for Instructional Staff

4.       Exit Survey for Non-Instructional staff

5.      Leadership Coaching and Consulting for District Leaders, Principals, and Department Heads

6.       Retention Tracker

7.       Access to Upbeat’s Data platform to review and subgroup data

8.       Professional Development sessions:

  • In-person district leadership consultation
  • District leadership presentation
  • School board presentation
  • Data review, feedback and next steps with new teachers (or any subgroup of teachers deemed as a retention priority for the district)
  • Data review, feedback and next steps session with faculty at an individual school


Name: Kate Chizek

Position:  Partnerships Manager

Address: 445 Henry St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone number: 319-383-0688

Email address: kate@teachupbeat.com

Website: Teachupbeat.com