Elevate K-12 is a unique and powerful live class that is changing the way schools and classrooms transform their teaching model to solve teacher shortages and bring the best live teaching to their students. Elevate K-12 can not only be used to fill your teacher vacancies with live streamed, certified teacher on your bell schedule, but can also provide targeted small group instruction, expand course offerings with CTE courses, Resource Room for Diverse Learners or staffing summer school. We manage the full delivery of the live teaching classes from the start and manage the day-to day live class delivery and on-demand live class support. Elevate K-12 is the largest network of LIVE teachers, and we work with thousands of schools and districts in the US to bring the concept of LIVE teaching as the most effective and scalable way to solve all your teacher shortage problems.

Schools Partnering with Elevate K-12:


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